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Social Distance Alert

Our Beeply works by sending out radio frequency (RF) signals and detecting the signals of other Beeplys.

When a Beeply device comes into the minimum recommended distance of another Beeply device, it sends out a beep-alarm. This sound becomes louder when the Beeplys move closer together.

1.5 meter
The Beeply is designed to send a beep-signal whenever two or more Beeplys are within the recommended distance of 1.5 meters.

The Beep-alarm becomes more intense when the Beeplys are in closer proximity to one another.




1. Social Distance Alert

When a Beeply detects itself within the recommended minimum distance of another Beeply device, it will send out a Beep-Alarm. The Beeply’s user remains anonymous.

2. Concerned organization

Show that your organization is concerned with the health and safety of your employees and visitors. The Beeply ensures everyone can keep a safe distance without its users needing to address the behavior of those around them.

3. Preventing habituation

As the 1.5-meter economy develops, we run the risk of falling into old habits and forgetting to keep the safe recommended distance of 1.5 meters. The Beeply is designed to help us maintain a safe distance.

4. Controle Supervision

Manage the maximum allotment of persons in the building with an equal amount of available Beeplys.

Key Features


360° Distancing Alerts

Varying alerts help you stay safe


Out-of-the-box solution

No infrastructure investment required


Lightweight & compact

Approx. size of a credit card and 1" wide


Rechargeable workday battery

battery life 5 days normal use


No privacy concerns

No connection to personal devices


Rugged and durable

Made for all work environments

YES! Send me a KIT with 2 Bleepy's to test it myself.

Content: 2 Beeply's + 2 lanyards + Micro-USB cable, adapter incl. power cord, Plug&Play instruction flyer