frequently asked questions

Does the Beeply use personal data from my mobile phone?

No. The Beeply is designed to be completely anonymous. It only responds to other Beeplys in the vicinity and does not store any data.

Does the Beeply always work at 1.5 meters?

No. The Beeply is designed to signal when other Beeplys find themselves within 1.5 meters. The environment and the user can influence the performance of the Beeply, both positively and negatively. Furthermore, the direction in which users approach one another can affect the performance of the Beeply

Does the Beeply also work when the other person is not wearing a Beeply?

No. The Beeply is only able to detect other Beeplys.

Is the Beeply safe?

Yes. The Beeply is designed using existing technology, which is accredited with a CE-certification.

What is the battery life of a Beeply, and how is it charged?

Depending on how often the Beeply comes into contact with another Beeply, the battery life is between 2 and 7 days. The device can be fully charged within an hour and a half with a USB-C charger cable.