Technical information sheet


What is a Beeply?

The Beeply is a device that gives a warning if two users get too close to each other. The device works through 2.4GHz Radio Frequency (RF) signals and is designed to detect signals from other Beeplys. The Beeply can be used completely anonymously within all companies, workplaces, shops and public spaces. To optimize the operation of the Beeply, everyone present in the room must carry a Beeply.


Warning signs

If a Beeply is within 1.5 meters of another Beeply, an auditory and visual signal will be heard and seen simultaneously. Both are a distance warning signal which sets off when another Beeply user is within 1,5 meters. It will stop when the Beeplys are no longer within the recommended 1.5 meters distance.

> Visual signal LED light orange flashlight
> Auditory signal alternating beep sound

The amount of steel present in a room possibly affects the operation of the Beeply. For example, a store with steel product shelves or a storage warehouse with steel racks. To ensure that the Beeply functions optimally in any environment, two different settings have been applied to the device.

Standard Mode suitable for open spaces such as open-plan offices

Sensitive mode suitable for areas such as shops or production areas

Change mode You can decide which of these two is suitable for the room you are in. When you press the on / off button once briefly, the mode will change. This is accompanied by a short beep and a blue light.


Charge battery

The Beeply battery lasts an average of 5 days. This depends on the degree of encounters the Beeply makes with other Beeplys and, thus, emits and receives signals.
When the battery is almost empty, a continuous orange light signal is emitted.
The battery is charged via a micro-USB-cable. Plug the micro-USB-cable into the Beeply and the USB-side into the adapter. Then plug the adapter into the wall socket.

The Beeply can also be charged via the USB-input of your computer due to the USB-cable. This means an adapter is not always needed.
The LED in the Beeply flashes green when it is charging. An empty battery is fully charged again in about 1.5 hours. The light changes into continuous orange when the battery is fully charged.


Device is not responding (no light, no sound)
The battery might be empty. In this case, charge the Beeply again.

The battery is not charging
The cable may not be connected (correctly).
Check both ends of micro-USB-cable and plug it into the adapter/computer and the Beeply again.
Advice: check the ends of the cable for dust or dirt. This can hinder a correct connection.
If necessary, wipe it with a dry cloth and try connecting again.


The Beeply does not connect to personal devices. Because the Beeply only detects other Beeplys and does not store any data. You do not have to worry about privacy issues.


Name: Beeply
Weight: 50 grams
Dimensions: 87x35x12mm
Housing material: Poly Prop
Battery technology: Li-ion
Nominal battery voltage: 3.7
Nominal battery capacity: 900mAh
Charging port: USB 2.0 Micro
LED light

LED and sound specifications

Beeply detects other Beeply within 1.5 meters continuous orange flashing
Switching on Press for 10 seconds 2 short green lights
Switching off Press for 10 seconds 2 short red lights
Switch modes 1 short blue light
Beeply Battery is low continuous orange flashing
Beeply is charging continuous green flashing
Beeply is fully charged continuous green light

The Beeply is within 1.5 meters of another Beeply continuous beeping sound
Turning on two time beeping sound in combination with green light
Turn off 1 long beep sound in combination with red light
Switch modes 1 short beep sound in combination with blue light

Manufacturer: JK Retail Products, Middenweg 1, 1432 DE, Aalsmeer, Nederland.